winstar oled display with seetron module

Hello, World!

arduino code from :

/*This program uses the updated SoftwareSerial distributed in v1.0 of
the Arduino software. Users of earlier versions must download
NewSoftSerial. */

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

#define rxPin 255 // Not used, so set to invalid pin #
#define txPin 3 // Connect BPI/BPK's SER input to this pin.
#define inverted 1 // In setup, 1=inverted, 0=noninverted

const char clearScreen[ ] = {
const char message[ ] = "Hello World!" ;

Set up a new serial output using the pin definitions above. Note the
argument "inverted," which instructs SoftwareSerial to output BPI/BPK-
compatible inverted-TTL serial (like RS-232, but without the +/-
voltage swing).*/

SoftwareSerial mySerial =SoftwareSerial(rxPin, txPin, inverted);

void setup(){
// define pin mode for tx:
digitalWrite(txPin, LOW); // Stop bit state for inverted serial
pinMode(txPin, OUTPUT);
mySerial.begin(9600);// Set the data rate
delay(10);// wait (may not be needed w/ Arduino v1.0)

void loop() {
// ...