Molmol was speaking at TED NYC and talked about YesYesNo projects  -- a chatty water fountain, the Google Talking Shoes, and Connecting Light project for London 2012. 

July 8 2014

Arduino Day

During the worldwide anniversary of Arduino on March 29th 2014 at ITP, Molmol and Zach presented some of the projects we have made at YesYesNo, with a little demo of the Google Talking Shoe.
The video of the talk is available here:

Spaces for Critical Action in Urban Software Art

A short talk by Molmol, from YesYesNo at LISA salon curated by Tanya Toft about a leprosy village in Taiwan, about being a young film student, helping organizing raves and parties, the Walk In Shelter project, and how media arts can help make social change or people happy. 

You can read more about it and other artists who presented at the salon here on Words in Space by Shannon Mattern

Zach Lieberman: Interactive Art

Artist Zach Lieberman uses interactive media to inspire - and explore the relationship between technology, performance, and the body. His recent projects include an open-source eye-tracking system that allows disabled artists to draw using their eyes and a performance that includes drawn sketches that react to a visitors' touch.