Microsoft Music Box at Grammy's 2015

The Drink Up Fountain

The YesYesBot

How To Create A Candy Dispensing Robot

source: The Creators Project


Open-source, Candy-Dispensing Robot Using the Intel Galileo

source: Makerflux


DIY: 3D-Printed, Open Source YesYesBot

source: EFYTimes

Actually making something with the shiny new Arduino Intel Galileo control board

source: Wired


Si roboteii vor fi Intel Inside. Galileo este prima placa Arduino construita pe arhitectura Intel


Google Talking Shoe

Forget Google Glass, Google Debuts ‘Talking Shoe’ Concept At SXSWi, Wants More Social, Motivational Everyday Objects

source: The Crunch


Google shows off hacked speaking shoe at SXSW, promises it's not getting into the footwear business

source: Engadget


Google's talking shoe: a step too far?

source: The Guardian


From Google Glass to the talking shoe

source: The Telegraph


SXSW: Google’s Talking Shoe Motivates You to Move

source: ABC News


Google unveils talking shoes that 'motivate' you to move

source: Fox News


Google shows off a talking shoe

source: CNet

Of course Google made a talking shoe for SXSW 2013

source: The Verge


Google Shoes: Glass-Maker Teams Up With Adidas To Make Smack-Talking Footwear For SXSW

sorce: The Huffingtonpost


 At SXSW, the company showed off a new fitness product that offers motivating comments to the user.

source: PSFK


Google Previews "Talking Shoe" Experimental Sneaker

source: Technorati


Google unveils 'smart shoes' at SXSW

source: NY Daily News


SXSW: Google Shows Off 'Talking Shoe'

source: PC Magazine


The talking trainers: Hi-tech shoes that nag you to get off the sofa and work out

source: Daily Mail


Connecting Light

Hadrians Wall Hosts 73 mile Illuminated Balloon Artwork

source: BBC News


Preview: Connecting Light art installation at Hadrian's Wall

source: The Journal


Hadrian's Wall borders connected through light

source: BBC News


London 2012: Hadrian's Wall illuminated for Olympics

source: BBC News

Physical and Digital Tools Converge

source: The Creators Project


Great wall of shiner! 400 colourful balloons light up the night sky along length of Hadrian's Wall in striking art installation

source: Daily Mail


London 2012 Festival: Hadrian's Wall becomes 'world's longest artwork'

source: The Telegraph