Google Talking Shoes

Wearable Technology + Media Art

To explore the world of connected objects and new forms of storytelling, Google partnered with YesYesNo to create talking shoes. We designed custom hardware and software that analyzes and responds in realtime to the movements of users. We wanted the shoes to be playful, responsive, and most importantly, have a sense of humor.





Aman Govil, Head of Advertising Arts
Kate Pacher, Product Marketing Maager
Sandra Nam, Executive Producer


Zach Lieberman, Artist, Software Engineering
Molmol Kuo, Artist, Wearable Techonology and Engineering
Marcela Godoy, Artist, Design and 3D Modeling
Joe Saavedra, Technologist


Glenn Cole, Executive Creative Director / Gui Borchert, Creative Director / Paul Nguyen, Lead Designer / Chiyong Jones, Lead Writer / Michael Giles, Creative Technologist / Chris Kay, Group Brand Director / Josh Jeffreris, Brand Director / Colin Murtagh, Brand Manager / Natalie Holloway, Brand Coordinator / Greg Hampar, Sr. Producer / Laura Ferguson, Film Producer / Christine Claussen, Director of Business Affairs / Michelle McKinney, Business Affairs Manager / Keli Christy, Business Affairs Manager / Isaac Simpson, Business Affairs Coordinator / James Fiszer, Technical Lead / Benjamin Smith, Sr. Developer / Melissa Bell, UX Design Director / Danielle Larson, UX Designer / Julian Paez, Tech Lead

Google Talking Shoe V1.0  

Art Copy & Code    SxSW  USA     March 2013

Google Talking Shoe V 2.0

Cannes Lions Festival    France    June 2013


Google Talking Shoe V2.0  -- Behind the Scene at YesYesNo Studio