Drink Up Fountain 

"The fountain talks to you...."

Chatty Fountain Sets Out to Encourage Everyone to Drink More Water More Often

The Drink Up Fountain dispenses entertaining greetings and compliments intended to entice the drinker to continue sipping. When a drinker’s lips touch the water, the fountain “talks,” completing a circuit and activating speakers. When the drinker pulls his or her head away and stops drinking, the circuit breaks and the fountain stops talking. With hidden cameras set up, Drink Up caught unsuspecting individuals using the fountain in New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge Park. See the video here.

Drink Up, a collaboration to encourage everyone to drink more water, was formed in September 2013 among the Partnership for a Healthier America – which works with the private sector and PHA Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama, dedicated to encouraging people to drink more water more often. You are what you drink, and when you drink water you drink up!




Produced in collaboration with creative agencies - Y&R , New York VML, New York and Partnership for a Healthier America YesYesNo Team:
Zach Lieberman
Molmol Kuo
Marcela Godoy
Custom Fabrication:
olollo LLC

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