Discovery at Electronics / computer Mall - Travel Log

Discovering iphone plug in lenses, hobby shops, second hand electronic instruments, LEDs, and gears, silver, bamboo, copper filament for 3D printers, Made In Taiwan 3D printer that is compatible on every OS. 

YesYesNo for Microsoft MusicBox at Grammy's 2015, L.A.

We have been working with Kinect and exploring the possibility of the low cost 3D camera.  We were particularly interested in using Kinect as a New Interface for Musical Expression, using OpenFrameworks as the main custom software development tool.

The YesYesNo team was glad to be the art and technology partner for Microsoft this year,  creating the MusicBox for the Grammy's, working along side with its creative agency, Interbrand. The event was from 2/6 - -8 in front of the Nokia Theater, LA.  We don't have a picture of Beyonce, but we do have pictures with Beyonce's assistant(*!).


YesYesNo Studio Jam

Nick Yulman in the house today jamming on some new work with us - Thanks for coming out and play!


Jamming with Nick Yulman on some new work today Kinect + Ableton live + openFrameworks @YesYesNo